Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed there week and weekend....Monday will soon be here. If you are anything like me, then you need a weekend from the weekend. Thursday I had a really big mail day I had some post cards, A package from THE SNAIL MAILER!!!! YAY!!! THANK YOU!!! And a box from amazon where I ordered some postcards I looked like I was loved and I felt loved. I had the Kool Aid man grin, his grin was big, so just imagine me with that grin.

I spent my weekend trying to get some organization among my mail and all my mail nic nac stuff. If organization is not your forte then pen palling is not for I did get a ledger so that I could keep track of what I mail out and receive. Its a nice ledger I found at Office Depot. Its hard back and when I was looking in my closet of junk this weekend I found an address book I had never used. I was excited when I found it. I had the feeling you have when you stick your hands in your pants pocket and find five dollars. I don't know about you but it excites me I feel like I found a million dollars. Tomorrow I will add pictures so you all can get an idea of the mail that I have received! Oh and too my first 7 followers thank you so much for just welcoming me with open arms. I would love to follow you all back on your blogs but I'm kinda confused and can't figure out how, it shouldn't be that I will figure it out. Thank you!!! see you all tomorrow



  1. Just a tip about following back. If you click our pics under your followers menu another box should pop up. From there you can see (unless we have it private) what blogs we are following and if we have any blogs ourselves. I hope that helps. =)

  2. Well..I saw that I was just wondering maybe they don't have a Thanks a bunch!