Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed there week and weekend....Monday will soon be here. If you are anything like me, then you need a weekend from the weekend. Thursday I had a really big mail day I had some post cards, A package from THE SNAIL MAILER!!!! YAY!!! THANK YOU!!! And a box from amazon where I ordered some postcards I looked like I was loved and I felt loved. I had the Kool Aid man grin, his grin was big, so just imagine me with that grin.

I spent my weekend trying to get some organization among my mail and all my mail nic nac stuff. If organization is not your forte then pen palling is not for I did get a ledger so that I could keep track of what I mail out and receive. Its a nice ledger I found at Office Depot. Its hard back and when I was looking in my closet of junk this weekend I found an address book I had never used. I was excited when I found it. I had the feeling you have when you stick your hands in your pants pocket and find five dollars. I don't know about you but it excites me I feel like I found a million dollars. Tomorrow I will add pictures so you all can get an idea of the mail that I have received! Oh and too my first 7 followers thank you so much for just welcoming me with open arms. I would love to follow you all back on your blogs but I'm kinda confused and can't figure out how, it shouldn't be that I will figure it out. Thank you!!! see you all tomorrow


Monday, August 22, 2011


I GOT MAIL!!!! YAY (THE CROWD GOES WILD)...I am pleased to announce I have gotten some mail! When I received my first post card I was estatic. I felt like I won a million dollars, and it felt great. I called a couple of my friends who knew that I wanted to start pen palling and using snail mail more and was like hey!!!!!!! I GOT mail!!!!!! I know i'm a little silly but seriously I was excited.

So I am sure you are wanting to know who I got mail from..well lets first postcard came from non other than Missive Maven over at and Misty over at Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!! Look for a reply sometime by the end of the week. I also have done some swaps mainley a sticker swap and receipe swap..

So I have been having trouble finding post cards. I have visited some novelty stores but just havent found that right batch of post cards. I went online and I ended up buying some. I bought some from and I have already received the ones from They are pretty nice if I should say so. If anyone know of any other websites that I can order some Post cards from. Please leave in the comment box.

Well since I was away for the weekend..I wonder what I got in my mailbox??? Well you all have a happy mail week and talk to you soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing yet...

First let me preface this by saying, you all didn’t tell me mail art, pen palling, swapping, post card swapping, and all that good stuff was expensive. It can really add up. I noticed as I was picking up little do dad stuff, I was like OH MY can be expensive. Well to be completely honest I think it kinds of level out I was just getting everything at once to kinda build up my stationary, art, pen, paper supply. I won’t have to buy anything for a while.

I joined today and the other day I joined This was done in order to increase my pen pal buddies. I haven’t received anything yet. But that’s okay I have hope that someone wants to write me J. I have some going out mail on tomorrow, but after running errands tonight I doubt if I will have the energy to go to the post office. (my post office closes at 12 midnight) So I will just mail them when I go to work in the morning ( I have a full service US postal office at my job). Oh I did send out 2 pieces of mail on Friday morning. I sent something to my Swap-Bot person and a post card to California to my postcrossing person! Sorry I forgot to take a picture. It was really a momentous event for me. So I can’t wait to leave work today and go to my PO box and see if anyone else has sent me anything. My grandmother sent me a letter but it doesn’t count, grandma sent me a “I paid your car insurance, you owe me letter with a grandma loves you at the end, but if you don’t pay me I will drop you note.” Frankly grandma calls me 3 and 4 times a day (really it’s the other way around I call her 3 and 4 times a day) she could have told me over the phone. LOVE MY GRANDMA! Until tomorrow…

Happy Mail day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello...Is any one out there...

This is my very first entry, and to be completely honest I am a little scared. After looking at some other blogs I have come to realize that I must have been under the biggest rock that the world has. Mail art and pen palling and using snail mail has got to be one of the biggest hobbies I have seen. I can hardly wait to get started. I'm super duper excited I have reached out to a couple of people. Maybe they will respond maybe not.I am keeping my fingers crossed. You all will have to probably help me out from time to time giving me the do's and don'ts of mail art and penpalling but I welcome on suggestions, critiques, comments! Look foward to seeing a letter from you in the mail box!