Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing good! Life has been grand no complaints, slow mail, but hey its all good. I'm happy with the mail I have received and the new friendships!

seee...this is just a picture of some of the mail I have recieved in the last two weeks, with the acception of a couple of letters. I haven't checked my PO BOX this week, since I think Thursday so I am sure I have some letters!!! YAY! Can't wait until I get off and go to the post office.

So I have decided to drop swap-bot. I had joined swap-bot to really get into the mailing thing..HOWEVER after this last swap I have decided swap-bot.com is not the place for me. My first reason for deciding to leave swap bot is international mailing. Its not cheap to mail internationally espicially mailing boxes of items. I guess I could remedy that by not joining those swaps. But none the less its not cheap and then when you have mailed packages then your flaked on..WOW..thee worst. Secondly and lastly, I recieved a email from a swap coordinator from a swap I joined and lets just say it was far from nice. Now the Jesus in me said do not respond to her foolishness. However my mind said get her together. I was perplexed as to why she emailed me in this manner becuase I hadnt flaked on the swap. It wasn't even pass the due date. I did inquire about the email and she said she was making sure I didn't flake and I took the email wrong. However since i'm grown and don't have time for such tom foolery I have decided to disengage myself from swap-bot I guess that just how the cookies crumble sometimes. I still have my mailings, my blog, and postcrossing. Enough mail to keep up with. How has you all experience with swap-bot been?

But in other news! I'm in my 5th quarter of my Master's program! I'm almos done. The end of the year I should be done! (cue round of applause) Just thought I would share that tad bit of information with you all. Anyway I hope you all enjoy your day! Happy Mailings!

Heidi AKA lolastar

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Thank God For Friday's!!!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Hope everyone is out there having a good mail day. I am not sure what the mailman bought me hopefully he bought me a million dollar check and no bills! HA! A girl can wish can't she?! I am looking foward to the weekend although I will be chillaxin at the house! (chillaxin- to rest peacefully at home with no disturbances) The weatherman says its going to be a chilly this weekend in Atlanta but I don't know how much I believe him its been almost 70 degrees thursday and today. When I got up this morning at 5:45 am to get ready for work I promise you it was already 68 degrees! I woke up and went to take the dog outside and I said to myself "you have got to be kidding me"!

Well I don't plan on doing much this weekend. I am going to go to a co-workers son baseball game. Not a fan but I will go support the kiddies. Hopefully it will be as pretty as it was on Wednesday and Thursday! What's going on in you all's neck of the woods?

I have not recieved that much mail this week just a couple of things from swap bot and one letter from sendsomething.net. Becky sent me an envie! I recieved a home made post card almost 2 weeks ago. So I have been punished by the mail gods for being so lazy in my mailings...but thats okay I am going to continue writing! Well you guys have a good, safe, blessed weekend!


Heidi aka. Lolastar!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Wednesday! Well I am back for like the fourth time while doing my blog. I haven't even been blogging long but Im back! I moved to my new place everything is unpacked and I am ready to get back to my normal everyday routine! My new year has been off to a okay start. I moved at the beginning of the year and I must say I will never ever ever for the rest of my days ever move at the beginning of the year ever again! However I love my new place! I think that I am excited at the fact that I don't have carpet! Carpet is not my friend! I have a dog and where I stayed before the grass was kinda non existant becuase the trees hung so that it did not let sunlight in so they had mulch down however when it rained it just was a mess on top of mess and the carpet was super light! HOWEVER, the new place has wooded floors **GRABBING SWIFTER JET** yes!! Plus I have the best landlord well hes the best right now!

I have recieved some very nice mail over the holiday and new year! Limner sent the best Christmas gift ever first of all I loved how she packaged it I did not even want to open it! I must say since beginning to pen pal I have gained some lovely pen friends! I just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to write or has read my blog! Its much appreciated it! Well I am still catching up on mail I think its a non ending process but be patient with me! **WINK**
You all have a great Wednesday!

Heidi AKA Lola Star...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

It's the New Year!! Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I sure did. I have been on the go non stop since November and after this weekend I will officially be thru with runningt he streets for awhile. This week I am relocating..YES I am moving to a new apartment. I am so looking foward to it!

I am also looking foward to just starting afresh. I have always looked at the New Years as a new clean slate. Sad to say I never make it thru my resolutions. But hey show me someone who does. This year i'ma make a resolution to keep my resolutions. **SHRUGS**....

I do however have some Pen Pal goals/resolution for the year

1. 1 week turnaround.

2. Blog at least 2 a week.

3. Make blog a little more interactive/intresting

Those are the only 23becuase I haven't been doing neither lately. Life when it gets going it really gets going. Well thats all for know folks! Happy New Year!

Before I go...Let me leave you all with something!


Welcome to flight number 2012.
We are prepared for take off into the new year.
Please make sure that your attitude and blessings are secure and locked in an upright position.
All self-destructive devices should be turned off at this time.
Should we lose altitude under pressure during our flight, reach up an pull down a prayer, prayers will be automatically activated by faith.
Once your faith is fully activated you can assist other passengers.
There will be no baggage allowed on this flight. The captain has cleared us for take off.
Destination greatness.
Enjoy your flight.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to start afresh...

Hey everyone! I know I have been missing in action. I have been around. As you all know I was gone to Las Vegas when I came back I was in the last two weeks of class and I had finals and papers due so something had to take the background. My blog and letters got behind. I am so sorry and I should be caught up by the end of this week. I am actually writing you all from Florida!! YAY!! I am on my week long vacation. My birthday was this past Sunday and I turned 31. I am feeling some kind of way. Don't get me wrong I thank God for everyday that he gives me here, but I had imagined something so different than where I am at right now. I know everything happens in his time and not ours but I am trying to patiently wait until it does..well enough of the pity party.

How has everyone been??? I absolutly LOVED LAS VEGAS!! I had wrote a blog on it but when I went to publish it somehow it got erased. I was devastated and didn't rewrite it..lol. We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel it was right across from the MGM Grand! Everything was so lovely and I won in all about $1000 dollars! The last night I was there we went to Las Vegas Hilton. It was at the Hilton I won almost $800 dollars. After leaving the Hilton (I was grinning from ear to ear) we went to Bally's to eat dinner. After dinner as we were waiting for one of our friends to use the restroom I put a $20 bill in the slot machine and hit for $236 dollars...YAY! When I say you couldn't tell me anything! You couldn't tell be nothing bout nothing (like my dad says0..lol I came back home with some new friends and a pocket full of money!

Now I'm in Tampa for my vacation from work. This is where I grew up at. It was after high school that I moved to Georgia. I am enjoying my break from work and the hustle and bustle of Atlanta so far. However by the end of the week I am sure I will be ready to get back to my bed! Right now though I'm enjoying mom and grandma! Well you all have a great week! Talk to you soon!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Mailbox..

Hey everyone!! Happy Monday! Hope all is enjoying your day. I have had a pretty hetic end of October and hectic month of November. The last weekend of October I went out of town to my alma mater for homecoming, then I went out of town this past weekend, and on Thursday I am leaving for VEGAS BABY!!!! I am so excited becuase I have never been anywhere past the state of Louisiana and this is my first plane ride. Please wish me luck! Before leaving I am going to go to the post office and stock up on stamps and postcard stamps. So i can write all of you all or at the very least drop a post card in the mail. I want to do that my first night there. I'm soooo excited.

Let me tell you all my mailbox has been busting at the seams. I have received all the love and then some. So here are some pictures. I had to take them with my cell phone. I have for whatever reason misplaced my camara which hurts my feelings becuase I need it for my trip to Vegas. But here are all the goodies I have gottenI have gotten more than this but I had this mail on me to post. I love the post card that Limner sent me! Then I got a card/letter from a pen pal her name is Heidi too! Then one from Austrailia and Russia! I'm on a ball yall!

If you turn your head sideways you can see all the nice mail I received from

We were destined to be snail mail buddies. Bev got my name twice in a swap and plus she had already written me! awwwwwww.....

Movin on. This is a card that I got from my pen pal in west sacremento, california. Hands down its the best card I have gotten so far. I absolutly love it and whenever my friends ask me about how pen palling is going I pull out this card and show them and of course all the other lovely mail I have recieved too. You all didn't tell me pen palling was this fun!

Well I am to end here with a big Thank you from my mailbox to yours.! Enjoy your week!

Heidi aka Lolastar