Monday, August 22, 2011


I GOT MAIL!!!! YAY (THE CROWD GOES WILD)...I am pleased to announce I have gotten some mail! When I received my first post card I was estatic. I felt like I won a million dollars, and it felt great. I called a couple of my friends who knew that I wanted to start pen palling and using snail mail more and was like hey!!!!!!! I GOT mail!!!!!! I know i'm a little silly but seriously I was excited.

So I am sure you are wanting to know who I got mail from..well lets first postcard came from non other than Missive Maven over at and Misty over at Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!! Look for a reply sometime by the end of the week. I also have done some swaps mainley a sticker swap and receipe swap..

So I have been having trouble finding post cards. I have visited some novelty stores but just havent found that right batch of post cards. I went online and I ended up buying some. I bought some from and I have already received the ones from They are pretty nice if I should say so. If anyone know of any other websites that I can order some Post cards from. Please leave in the comment box.

Well since I was away for the weekend..I wonder what I got in my mailbox??? Well you all have a happy mail week and talk to you soon!


  1. I'm glad you got my postcard, and I'm even more glad it made you so happy!

    Whenever I write a blog post about postcards I like, I will always include a link if the postcards are still commercially available. I get a lot of mine from which, I warn you, is a dangerous place. I do sympathize with your realization that this pen palling and mail art thing is expensive... until you build up a good collection (and even then!), it can add up.

    But the most important thing is the heart, and what you write - handmade postcards are always welcome. All you need is stamps! (Which, I admit, aren't cheap either...)

    But anyway, so glad you got some mail, and glad it has made your day. Yay.

  2. Hi. I'm sorry I reply so late!!!:/ I am not a good blogger lately:/ Anyway, thank you for the interest, unfortunatelly I am not looking for any more penpals, but I can recommend you site where I found my penpals, or Penpalling and Letters group in Facebook. Fortunatelly I see you already got some mail:) Good luck with penpalling and with blogging!:)

  3. Like Missive Maven, I am glad you got my card too! I tend to hunt down flea markets and antique shops to purchase some vintage unused cards. Though I have also had some luck buying cards from Ebay (though be careful to read the descriptions carefully..some will be mostly used).

    If all else fails check out Amazon, and another site . They tend to have some books of cards really cheaply! $2.98 for 30 cards = AWESOME!

  4. Pomegranate is a good place and brand for different. Otherwise second hand, antique, thrift stores, make your own, so on. . .