Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing good! Life has been grand no complaints, slow mail, but hey its all good. I'm happy with the mail I have received and the new friendships!

seee...this is just a picture of some of the mail I have recieved in the last two weeks, with the acception of a couple of letters. I haven't checked my PO BOX this week, since I think Thursday so I am sure I have some letters!!! YAY! Can't wait until I get off and go to the post office.

So I have decided to drop swap-bot. I had joined swap-bot to really get into the mailing thing..HOWEVER after this last swap I have decided swap-bot.com is not the place for me. My first reason for deciding to leave swap bot is international mailing. Its not cheap to mail internationally espicially mailing boxes of items. I guess I could remedy that by not joining those swaps. But none the less its not cheap and then when you have mailed packages then your flaked on..WOW..thee worst. Secondly and lastly, I recieved a email from a swap coordinator from a swap I joined and lets just say it was far from nice. Now the Jesus in me said do not respond to her foolishness. However my mind said get her together. I was perplexed as to why she emailed me in this manner becuase I hadnt flaked on the swap. It wasn't even pass the due date. I did inquire about the email and she said she was making sure I didn't flake and I took the email wrong. However since i'm grown and don't have time for such tom foolery I have decided to disengage myself from swap-bot I guess that just how the cookies crumble sometimes. I still have my mailings, my blog, and postcrossing. Enough mail to keep up with. How has you all experience with swap-bot been?

But in other news! I'm in my 5th quarter of my Master's program! I'm almos done. The end of the year I should be done! (cue round of applause) Just thought I would share that tad bit of information with you all. Anyway I hope you all enjoy your day! Happy Mailings!

Heidi AKA lolastar