Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Since I usually blog about mail or pen palling. I have decided to not only dedicate this blog to just mail but everything not mail. Give you all an insight into life here in the Big city, NO not New York, But Atlanta,Ga and an insight into my personal life (not to personal) . So here goes: (I preface this as saying I hope NO one takes any offense to this blog, when race is involved you have to really careful.) This blog is dedicated to my alma mater Albany State University

Here in the south WE LOVE FOOTBALL. I am sure this is the case with everyone all across the country but down here in the south, its just something about fall and football that makes everything right with life. If you don't know, now you know, I am black. (not that is matters) I attended a HBCU in Albany, Georgia by the name of Albany State University. For those of you don't know an HBCU is a historically black college university. ASU is located in Albany,Georgia which was one of the key cities in the Civil Rights movement it was here that Martin Luther King went to jail. So as you can already probabaly imagine this city is filled with history, not all good but not all bad either. Albany State had meager beginnings first starting as a bible institue, then it turned into a teacher and agriculture training college, then 1943 became Albany State College, after enrollment started to increase greatly each year it reached University status. 1996 was the year it bacame Albany State University. To all alumni like my grandma who raised me, myself, and others this was a dream come true it was everything I imagined. It was here that I learned my potential. As a matter of fact our motto is POTENTIAL REALIZED (take a moment a reflect on those two words). Attending a historically black school was diffrent. It was momentous. The experience was life changing, it was an experience I will not soon forget. It was where for breakfest they served fish and grits, Sunday dinner consisted of collard greens and chitlins.(your laughing but i'm tellin the truth and if you don't know what chitlins are look it up). This is where I became a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Inc. I graduate December 13th, 2003 with the people who I came to love and look at as family, a united front of talented young african americans who wore their potential as a badge of honor.

Every year is the annual homecoming festivites. This is joyous occasion uniting all classmates young and old. This weekend is homecoming. I wish I could just tuck all my pen pals and those who read my blog into my purse and take you all with me. Since I can't you all will have to settle for pictures which does the event absolutly no justice what so ever. This weekend I will be traveling to the small city in South Georgia to reminesce on all the good times. This time of year is to BEAUTIFUL for words to even describe it. I have been excited all week. Mentally i'm already there unfortunatly my body is physically still in Atlanta. This time tomorrow I will gas up the little toot boot (my nickname for my car) put the dog in the back seat and going back to where it all started! I will make sure I take plenty of pictures to show you all.

So I hope you all are planning a happy fun filled weekend. I can't wait to come back and tell all of you all about it.

On to the mail news:

I've had a good mail week I must say. Thanks to all have sent me mail. I'm going off the top of my head so if you sent me a letter and I didn't mention you please forgive me. Bev Sykes Thanks for all three letters we must be destined to be pen pals since you got me two times in both swaps. Kimi..Thanks for the love! Emily from Canada and Melissa thanks for the postcard. I will be sending out all mail that I owe out tomorrow because I doubt I will be doing any writing this weekend! Happy weekend and talk to everyone really soon!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello Everyone out there in Pen World! Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing good. I didn't have the best day on Monday, however when I made it to the post office to check my mailbox I had two letters and a post card!!! YAY! I did want to post pictures of my incoming mail becuase I got two or three letters friday too, but I left the camara in the car and I can't muster up the strength to go out there and get it! Plus...I have a winner of Heidi's fall/survival pack :-) its Chrissy over at VaGirl. Now if your wondering how I got VaGirl I used a random name picker on I hope you enjoy your gift!

Between last week and today I have received letters from
Bev (YAY!) your one of my pen pal heros!
a postcard from Sissy (YAY) wish you would have left your address so that I atleast could send you a thank you card, however none the less Thank you
Lisa from Texas!! (YAY),
Heidi from Indiana, we have the same name so you already know she is da!! Courtney from down under in Australia!! Thanks for writing!!! YAY!!!

Tomorrow is a big mail day for me I will be mailing out lots of letters and fall cheer.
Atlanta is actually getting a cold front coming thru which is really nice. I bet its not like the seasons that most of you all see but living here in the south any cool weather is welcomed. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and keep writing!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 5

Its Sunday, time to relax, sip on a glass of wine, and "wine" down from the weekend! For me it was a rather busy weekend. Took the dog to the groomer, had sorority meeting, then went to a high school football game. Came home and decided to get mail ready to go out for Monday! So all in all a very productive weekend. What about you guys?

So since Halloween is here and I want to spice up my blog just a tad bit, and talk about something else other than mail. I have decided to give you..wait for it.....TADA!!!!!

HEIDI'S ALL TIME SCARY MOVIE TOP 5 LIST!...Now as a child I could watch scary movies in the dark, at home, by myself..but as an adult its sad to say I know longer watch this kind of foolishness...(I'M A SCARDY CAT): So here goes :

5: Amityville Horror
4. The Ring
3.ANY of the Texas Chainsaw Massacers
2.ANY of the SAW's
1. ANY of the Hellraiser series

This titles aren't in any particular order. Hellraiser was the scariest I think. However, Texas Chainsaw Massacers and Saw it just really disturbed me with all of its GORE...ewww.. my stomach turns just thinking about them. Although the ring was disturbing I didnt really understand it alot, i missed the plot. So what are you all's top 5 scary movies??

I will post tomorrow the winner of my little fall package. Thank you for those who left a comment I appreciate it! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day, and a even better week!



Whats was in your mailbox today???

Monday, October 10, 2011

Where's the love...

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend as equally a great week last week! My mail week was rather slow no mail for like a whole week then I got a letter last Thursday and Friday! Wheres the love??!!! Thats okay I know it takes sometime. This time next year I will be writing that I have a abundance of mail and can't read it all!

So I hope that everyone is gearing up for the Fall season. Hands down this has to be the best part of the year! I mean who does not love fall. Its not hot outside its just right. Football games, fair and fall festivles. The smell of pumpkin and spice feel the air. You all get where I'm going with this. So in honor of fall I'm going to have a fall giveaway. Just a little box of fall goodies. All you have to do is leave a little comment on my blog and a comment will be chosen at random and you will receive a box of goodies from non other than me! Now I know it will only be a couple of you guys who will probably comment but thats fine. I want to spread the joy of fall! Deadline to enter is October 15th!

You guys have a wonderful happy mail week!!