Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 5

Its Sunday, time to relax, sip on a glass of wine, and "wine" down from the weekend! For me it was a rather busy weekend. Took the dog to the groomer, had sorority meeting, then went to a high school football game. Came home and decided to get mail ready to go out for Monday! So all in all a very productive weekend. What about you guys?

So since Halloween is here and I want to spice up my blog just a tad bit, and talk about something else other than mail. I have decided to give you..wait for it.....TADA!!!!!

HEIDI'S ALL TIME SCARY MOVIE TOP 5 LIST!...Now as a child I could watch scary movies in the dark, at home, by myself..but as an adult its sad to say I know longer watch this kind of foolishness...(I'M A SCARDY CAT): So here goes :

5: Amityville Horror
4. The Ring
3.ANY of the Texas Chainsaw Massacers
2.ANY of the SAW's
1. ANY of the Hellraiser series

This titles aren't in any particular order. Hellraiser was the scariest I think. However, Texas Chainsaw Massacers and Saw it just really disturbed me with all of its GORE...ewww.. my stomach turns just thinking about them. Although the ring was disturbing I didnt really understand it alot, i missed the plot. So what are you all's top 5 scary movies??

I will post tomorrow the winner of my little fall package. Thank you for those who left a comment I appreciate it! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day, and a even better week!



Whats was in your mailbox today???

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