Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello Everyone out there in Pen World! Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing good. I didn't have the best day on Monday, however when I made it to the post office to check my mailbox I had two letters and a post card!!! YAY! I did want to post pictures of my incoming mail becuase I got two or three letters friday too, but I left the camara in the car and I can't muster up the strength to go out there and get it! Plus...I have a winner of Heidi's fall/survival pack :-) its Chrissy over at VaGirl. Now if your wondering how I got VaGirl I used a random name picker on classtools.net. I hope you enjoy your gift!

Between last week and today I have received letters from
Bev (YAY!) your one of my pen pal heros!
a postcard from Sissy (YAY) wish you would have left your address so that I atleast could send you a thank you card, however none the less Thank you
Lisa from Texas!! (YAY),
Heidi from Indiana, we have the same name so you already know she is da bomb.com!! Courtney from down under in Australia!! Thanks for writing!!! YAY!!!

Tomorrow is a big mail day for me I will be mailing out lots of letters and fall cheer.
Atlanta is actually getting a cold front coming thru which is really nice. I bet its not like the seasons that most of you all see but living here in the south any cool weather is welcomed. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and keep writing!


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  1. Wow, just read your post. I can't believe I won your give-away. Thank you so very much Heidi! Glad you got some nice mail too!