Monday, September 26, 2011

Okay so guess who decided to finally find the Camera and post some pictures.ME!!! I am so excited about the mail that I have gotten and from here on out I promise to make sure I post the pictures of my income and out going mail. This is just some of the mail that I have received since snail mailing.

My list of Pen pals is slowly growing, i'm sure this same time next year I will have so many I will not know what to do with them. In this picture you can hardly see it but its a brown medium size manilla envelope that I received from Becky the Snail mailer. Her package was filled with all kinds of goodies that I LOVED and really appreciate. The Keroppi tote I got from a swap that I did from swap-bot I use it to take my pen pal supplies with me to work.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you very much for all the mail received, and all the mail that we will exchange in the future.

Tomorrow is Mail Rally day across the United States. Most of the rallies begin at 4:00 in the afternoon and ends around 5:30pm. I posted a link so you can check your area and where the rally will be in your neighborhood. There is alot that can be done to support the mail service. If you can't make it to the rally tomorrow, make sure you keep on writing and encouraging everyone to pick up a pen and some paper and write! Have a good mail week!


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  1. oh wow happy happy mail <3

    i need to find something this week =(

    Azed from sb